I forgot my password. What should I do?

On the login page, click on forgot password. Add your email id which you had used for sign in earlier.

You will get a password reset link in your inbox. Open the link and reset the password. The link is only valid for 4 hours.

How can I batch-upload data?

You can batch-upload the data for adding a list of Items/Containers/Members via an Excel sheet. For each of these batch uploads, click on the bach-upload button on their respective pages. A pop-up window will appear, download the sample template of the Excel sheet. Fill the sheet as the samples and upload it. You will find the reflected data in the list view in their respective sections. Note: While batch-uploading the Coninter Id and title should not be missing.

Batch Upload: Can I add duplicate items, existing container, leave container empty etc

Batch upload Item: If you have to add an item - it is tied to an item, then specify the container id. This container id can be a new id or an earlier id.

Batch upload Container: Items can be duplicated. container title you can leave blank,

What should I do if the app is unresponsive after I clicked on "create check report"?

Wait for a minute for the app to respond.

If that still doesn't work, then close & restart the app. Check the status of the inspection report, and take the action accordingly.

What steps should I take if some photos are not showing up?

Close and restart the app, and check if the photos appear. If not then logout and login the app.

Is there a solution for the app taking an extended amount of time to process photos?

The digital inspection report is lacking a signature.

Wait for the signature to re-appear and then continue with the inspection report

The app screen is taking an excessive amount of time to load on the app. Or if the App is taking too long to start.

Logout and login and then restart the app. It should be working fast

What is the process for contacting the Emory support team?

You can write an email to info@emory.pro and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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